Drabble: Light as a feather…

As strong as flight…

After a baby’s age, confidence demands attention and fostering. We lose more the higher we grow, it seems, and do not get back up. However, a little one will pull itself up, tumble, fall, and attempt to walk. While understanding defeat, she does not know surrender. Sheer pride in wobbly steps, buckling thighs, drooling grin: the priest felt this same joyous pride after healing with passion, and defending her host with power. She wished he could have seen her. He would have been so proud of her. However, Mrs. Whitworth wanted her to try it on four legs, not two.

wings 2
First light…


Bulging disc…

stars and light







Cub is home with tummy ache, and though he can manage, figured I might as well try some motherhood redemption and take care of him; kind of a front since I also have procrastinated projects of my own, so might as well – and….

…going to try to finish Zep’s cloak quest. As much as I would have liked for all the Titan Runestones to finish dropping during my break so I could have taken a full, guilt-free day and tried and tried again, it wasn’t in the cards. I did try once, and then realized I really don’t know what the hell I am doing. I die way too fast, or Wrathion does, or someone gets a splinter or steps on a rock or sun’s in their eyes…

While researching how things have gone terribly wrong, the first video that pops up is Cymre’s! So wish me luck again, more so in finishing my projects than that cloak…/sigh

OLRG: Not so cute now, huh?


I heard about the East Coast’s weather situation – what a terrible trick, like April Fool’s Day gone horribly wrong. (Doesn’t it always though?)  Last night CD Rogue read told me about a news story, a theory rather, about how another nation’s pollution is affecing the US. (To be fair, probably affecting the entire world, but you know us Yanks, we think we are the entire world.)


So for my mid-to-east friends, I am sorry. What a crock of bunny pellets, and I ain’t talking about black jellybeans. (Which should be outlawed, like the bogie flavored ones of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans).

All right, not going to start a tirade against black jellybeans. And murlocs know there ain’t nothing I can do about the weather. But I can host an Old Ladies Raiding Guild – I know it’s Easter weekend, and many folks have family events, etc. But here’s what I’m thinking   – let me know what you think, too:

3-4 PM –If Amerpriest can join us we’ll do Alliance Ulduar again – let’s start doing things for the proto drake mounts there. I have one, but not the other.

4-5 Something Hordy. Not sure what, and am open to suggestions.

Any requests? Any suggestions? I’m all ears.

Get it?

Sweet dreams are not made of this…


Please–I think it was PlaidElf whom I was talking with last week, and she gave me a great idea about the moments in Azeroth that if they were a dream, a nightmare, or reality, how truly terrifying they would be. I read the book Divergent over my break, and while it did greatly veer off into the teen-romance ditch, its premise is quite fascinating. One of the plot devices used to prove one’s bravery characters take a mind-altering drug that reveals their greatest fears, and they placontrol their emotions via biofeedback techniques. (Veronica Roth never uses the term ‘biofeedback,’ so points down for that.)

The idea: What events, monsters, places, or quests have truly shaken you to your core? This may seem incongruent in the Northern Hemisphere, as it’s spring and all that. Oh well. Ideas know no season.

I’ll be writing mine sometime soon–not sure when, and make no promises. In the meantime, for those of you who are brave, I’m sharing this little film a “good friend” shared with me. I told her I’m sending her my electric bill.

Navimie, just walk away.

This is the scariest thing I have ever seen:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/82920243″>Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013)</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/dauid”>David F. Sandberg</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Postscript: PlaidElf gave me some title ideas: this idea was from a conversation with Amerpriest! Ah, the things we remember at 5AM…

RTMT: Blood Moon


This event demands a Story Time post, for how can any reasonable writer worth her salt walk away from an astronomical phenomenom such as a ‘blood moon?” I knew it was coming, I read the news, I saw the posts, and yet, at that moment when I could have walked outside I was sound asleep. Me and sleep — we have a special relationship. Sunday night the moon was so bright, so full, when I tried to sleep on the couch with the fire I was restless. The dog was restless. So ‘Moonday’ night–deeply exhausted, sleep won.


Even this morning knowing I have an early morning meeting, my mind played Joker and told my hand to reset the alarm to a half hour before I would have to leave. Don’t think I can get gorgeous in half an hour? Pffft. I confess it’s getting harder and harder each year. In my twenties, a few swipes of under-eye concealer and teeth brushing, now it takes forklifts and spackle. Fortunately, sensible brain trumped hand and got my ass out of bed.

Really looking forward to game time tonight: Zeptepi is but two Titan Runestones away from her cloak. Sure, she’ll have to heal through the last battle, and (re) defeat all of the Celestials again, and then of course scrounge up the 7k gold for her shadow cloak, and sure, okay, the whole thing will end up at Goodwill in the next few months. I read that Big Bear is taking a break. Can’t say as I blame him. Not speaking for him, but an observation in general: I think many players, myself included, like to forget that Blizzard is a business, first and foremost, and churning out the pixie dust is hard work. I’m still enchanted, however, and live for those singular moments in Azeroth, those rare blood moon moments.

Speaking of which: used some chits to finally boost poor Rökkr, my second character created, a rogue. Poor Señor who is an expert at rogue helped her the other night go through her rotation. There is a story in here, too. I wasn’t going to log on during Mondays during Lent, and I had to sneak in (that’s what rogues do) and see if I could do anything on my own. I killed a few tigers, Señor, and a  frog or two! All by myself! Sure, I get eaten by a big white tiger, and yes, there were those repair bills, but you’d have been proud!

Patience friends, patient as a rogue, for when the moment comes to strike, when my energy bar is full again, I’ll get some of my ideas scribbled.

PS When I reached for my phone and Kindle this morning I pinched a nerve in my shoulder. (FFS)

OLRG: Better Swimmers Edition (Forty-Beats #39)


Warning: This post has emotions. Quite a few actually.

Just look up.

“Those who travel with the current will always feel they are good swimmers; those who swim against the current may never realize they are better swimmers than they imagine.” – Shankar Vendantum

Magic is an odd beast. Just when we feel bonded, it’s our kinsmen, it rears up and snaps at us, bites the hand so to speak. The magical lyrics for this post poured through my head as I wandered downstairs this morning, and yet faced with the white screen, they fled. So patience with me while I grab my butterfly net and try to capture the ideas again.

Today is a beautiful day–one of those rare sunny spring days in the Pacific Northwest. Sadly, record-breaking levels of rain in March caused a tragic disaster, one of the worst in our state’s history.

But today is one of those days that conquer the worst nightmares, and momentarily suspend belief in all things harmful. They simply do not exist on days like today.

So here is where I head into Over-Thinking Country. You don’t need to indulge me by staying on this post. I’m actually in a really wonderful mood, but feel it necessary to acknowledge a few things.

The OLRG had a wonderful time last night–we went to Firelands for that silly staff again (that staff has become Momokawa’s Moby Dick. And as much as I want to make jokes about chasing Dick right now…STOP) ANYWAY – Fandral: Dude. Listen. Really. Just give the druid her staff, okay? We’ll still visit, we LOVE you, you crazy misunderstood tragic villain you! Tie us up in root-balls and threaten us with flaming birds, we don’t care! And Ulduar – always a joy. We had some goofy-footing on the last boss, but somehow, when I’m with the OLRG, it feels like it should – it just doens’t matter. We calmly reaadjust, there is never a hint of nerd-rage, not one drop, and we learn something. For example, I learned that those Quillen dogs have a resurrection spell– Haanta! Seriously woman! Learn your Beast Mastery Class!

It was however – quiet. I noticed that Taikutta wasn’t there, and though he never says much in Vent, his presence is somehow very “present.” Do you know what I mean? You know how you just know that there is a bedrock there? And Prinnie was there a bit afterwards, and her sweet funny personality is always welcome.

But the quiet: Breige is going through a very sad time now. Her cat of twenty years has failing health, and she and her dear veterinarian are discussing the difficult decision. The truth is, we live in a time when our animals receive better healthcare than many of our human citizens. This isn’t a judgement or indictment, it’s just an observation. And because our beloved animals receive such excellent care, they often live much longer than they would have under other circumstances. Every day I read at least one post by a Facebook friend (and they never had children, at least not yet) about heroic measures they take to save their animals. One friend posted about the extensive medical expenses and procedures to save her cat. The list of medicines, surgeries, and diagnosis were fascinating to read, and showed how deeply committed this friend is to her companion and best animal friend. My parenthetical notation about children is also not a judgement, but an observation.  I am not of the construct or belief that “if they had a baby…” sort of nonsense. Our animal companions mean the world to us, and I am very, very sorry for Breige’s sorrow.

Yesterday night, I logged into Mataoka, and there was a wonderful letter from Taikutta. Taik: I completely understand. We OLRG are not only a force of good in Azeroth, but in all of the worlds.

I’ll share this personal anecdote: CD Rogue and I have had a long history of financial struggles. I felt somewhat guilty by posting about his and our cub’s trip: there are so many things people don’t know that happens behind the scenes. For example, this trip came at the cost of invisible forces, some tangible, some not. E-mails to teachers begging for help for our cub. Spinning bald tires on wet roads. Struggling to pay other bills, and going into more debt. But here’s how I rationalize this: we only get one life. If opportunities for the ‘fireworks’ come our way, and we can make it happen, the experiences are far more valuable than burning thin rubber.

Real life always trumps Azerothian life, with all its grit, light, sun, moon, and salt. The most surprising thing CD Rogue and cub told me was they were amazed that the moon in Costa Rica is straight overhead, and as much as they know about astronomy they had forgotten about the angles of the earth/moon relationship.

Sometimes the most amazing things can be seen if you just look up.


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