OLRG: KNEEL! Okay, and we’ll give you a sparkle purple pony…

corrupted Turk and I have been trying to get Only the Penitent for oh, gee, well, quite some time now. I know we OLRG have tried once and again, but I think we all get so afraid of screwing it up it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Last week or so I went with a pug group and got Do A Barrell Roll! because the group blasted the bird fast, did not worry about feathers, or flying, or adds — knew that if you kill the bird fast no one gets a chance to get hit by anything: OTP takes a little more caution (insert understatement here). But it is, in truth, very easy: before you step hoof or toe outside the bridge, you click on the cast bar, and then hit your “sit” button about halfway through the cast. Have three and three, sit in the little puddle, and then when someone says CLICK! click on the big fiery ball. That’s it. We even did it without Vent. The trick is to be cautious, do not rush, and do not get nervous. “Keep Calm and Click on the Orb” kind of thing. We tried for Stay Chill for Turkic, but this group got a little excited and one hunter killed the boss in one shot. Um…yeah. She had the highest DPS though! Hooray! I told Turk the OLRG knew what to do, and we could help him out.

But this brings something to mind, and not sure how to frame it. I guess that sometimes even though we are good players, we can still be bad. I am constantly in awe of Helke and her Shadow Priest. Shadow Priests are notoriously difficult to master, and often cast in a disparaging light. (Get it?) But she always tops the damage meters, while I struggle to even stay in the top ten. I admit I am a little concerned that when Hawt’s group moves to Mythic, I’ll be ask to stay home and watch the minions, and those top performers will be asked to the ball. And I wouldn’t blame Hawt one bit. Loyalty to a friend/cause only gets one so far in Azeroth. I am drafting a eulogy for Coco because of this sorrow. My gaming regret is that I left Mataoka neglected, and was taken in by the allure of Kellda. It is truly cruel to give someone epic powers and then renege on the deal. (Looking at you, Blizzard.) So, I am in a quandary because I am not really sure who to take when the Iron Horde needs its testosterone and steroids kept in check. We all want to be unique, and bring something special to the group. Maybe that’s the biggest illusion of all, however.

Anyway: I purposefully woke up early so I could have some quiet time to myself, and I only have about forty minutes left. I am going to pay the price later, that’s for sure. I’m getting that “thing” where I get grumpy because I am feeling parsed out and chopped-up by all the demands of the sheer volume of voices that need my attention, or criticize and mask it as “suggestions.” Ambiverts need Vitamin Alone Time.

Sh*t. Maybe I’ll just move the whole lot of them to an RP server.


RTMT: Code Switch


This was your plan all along, wasn't it, Mr. Snerguls?
This was your plan all along, wasn’t it, Mr. Snerguls?

Happy Horns, seriously, you gotta pay more attention to your dangling modifiers: The other day I noticed my childhood friend (since we were four years old) posted an article about Anita Sarkeessian. I PM’d my friend, finally revealing my secret identity as “Mataoka, The Most Beautiful Shaman in the World” and she was quite accepting and wonderful. Not many folks I can share that with in the muggle world, you know. (There needs to be a parallel term for “real life” folks like the term ‘muggles’ in Harry Potter…let’s work on that.)

Anyway, my ears have been perking up quite a bit over women and the sciences, specifically computer sciences. I know even know many young women who do not see the correlation between sex appeal and intelligence, who are still ‘playing dumb,’ so much so they become the illiterate idiot they imagine “boys” want. I hate to tell you, chicas, but beauty fades fast, but a sharp brain gets you through even the dullest moments of life. It helps you cut through the bullshit.

In any case, I can see why so many folks, male and female, take a step back from Azeroth. I wonder if there is a correlation between the amount of mental challenges the game requires and engagement. (In fact, I am certain I can make a strong case for this.) The other night I was in a fun group doing heroic MSV. We got to heroic Sha, and it was hard! What?! We can’t just roll through it?! Hawt said she liked it, that she enjoyed the challenge like a puzzle. I totally get that. When you need to figure out the mechanics of a fight it’s more fun.

I know I tested Turk’s patience a little bit last night because we were trying to two-man Deathwing’s spine. He finally drew me a diagram on the boat and patiently explained it (it’s okay Turk–I try CD Rogue’s patience, too.) We almost got it, but it was late, and we thought we’d try again another time. That gets me thinking, too, (it is RANDOM Tuesday Morning Thought after all): what kinds of things aggravate or irritate you in the game based on your personality? There must be a direct correlation. Me? I can fly around on all sorts of characters collecting candy for pets. That doesn’t bother me. However, for those whose game time is precious, those time sinks are hell.

In any case, it’s cool to be smart, it’s worthwhile to be who you are, and this is true for men and women.


Snerguls out.


Guess what?

Did you know that in your Systems Folder, under Advanced, there is a little check button that will change your life?

systemNow, I’ll have to change it when I play Kellda, because I really do love the new Dwarf female models. And, of course, it’s not what the rest of the world sees. I’m trying to start a movement that no one has on the new models (except for the good ones, such as Dwarfs), and Blizzards gets a clue.

ah that's better

Class Action…

Poor CD Rogue. Though I warned him of the changes to his fierce, bad-ass rogue, no amount of description could do justice to the amateurish garbage that is now the human female model. One of the most pointed critiques, as in “took the words right out of my mouth” is from Wolfgangcat, in her post “Plastic Surgery.”

I am not ready to get over it yet, and am indeed, still really heartbroken.

But there was a tiny spark of light:

Momokawa in her Moonkin form:


Must have had a senior artist design this. I wish I could stage a protest at Blizzcon about how I feel about the rest of them though.

Humans. So bad. So very, very bad. Get my goblin lawyer on the phone.

But this is good. Very, very good:


Joan Shivers: Never Looked Better
Joan Shivers: Never Looked Better

rue morgue

One much-needed pleasant surprise yesterday was when I checked in with Joan Shivers, and she looked even better! I even cleaned up Escarlata’s look, adding a bit more swamp mud and just a hint of moss and mold under the eyes:

escaBut I sure do know that I appreciate Erinys alerting me to this great news!  There are two new kitty cats for Hallow’s End this year, and ponies be damned, full battle pets ahead for the next two weeks!

Time to get ready. Maybe I can sneak a peek in Azeroth during class today. Shhhh….don’t tell.


OLRG: Infinite Potential Not Found


I had this dream this morning that I lost my big silver ring, stamped with the words, “Infinite Potential.” I retraced my steps, and a man cleaning a kitchen told me not to give up, and right when I did, found it in the sink. No need to contact Dr. Freud on this one.

Wonderful friend asked me last night about finding a proper guild last night. I’m not sure what he is looking for, but I know he enjoys raiding and was always a cracker-jack, dependable, and intelligent player. I told him about the only two I was really familiar with – Hawtpocket’s The Rubber Ducky Society, and of course, mine, the Drunken Fish. In any case, it does take time to find a good fit for a guild, and often when you do, the dynamics change and can leave a player distraught or thrilled.

lost cat awesome

I also have a big problem: tomorrow a ready-to-publish piece of writing is due for my writing class, and I have diddly-squat. I think I may cheat and review a Mrs. Whitworth story, and I have many story starters in mind, but nothing seems cogent. Today is jam-packed from morning till evening, so not sure when I planned on getting this done. I can’t write at work –unless I bring my own laptop, potentially everything I create on my work laptop could belong to my workplace, and I can’t have that. Write by hand, you say? Sure, I suppose I could do that. And then frantically type away after I meet a friend for wine and appetizers, give CD Rogue a kiss hello (he was on a business trip yesterday, and I haven’t been able to say hello yet), and help the Matty-shack ready for the weekend… Sounds like a job for Mrs. Whitworth! TO THE CANON PRINTER!

No wonder why I dreamed of lost things. But they were found, fortunately.

So my Old Ladies: if you are around on Sunday I would love to try to get some things together, or last Saturday afternoon. I should be home around 4 or 5, which may be too late for us on Saturday. We still need dragons, people. Dragon ponies all ’round!

Postscript: What the hell did the Blizzard artists do to Sylvanas and Varian? Erg…

They look way too bad Anime for my taste...
They look way too bad Anime for my taste…

good screen

no no no no okay maybe yes

Numbers I would like to know:

A.How many new subscribers did Blizzard get?

B. How much new revenue was earned when people just couldn’t deal with their human females?

C. What the f&ck were they thinking?

See B.

Answer: At least a few bucks from the MattyShack.


My wonderful paladin friend was on, and sent me a similar link to this comparison:


This is more like it:

kellda black hair

And perhaps yes, red hair, golden eyes


I do have more to say, but need your opinion for now: black or red-head? You know we warlocks are too full of sugar and lust, so perhaps red it is. 

The autumn rains are falling, the minions are restless. Last night I had to leave the raid without any warning. Let’s just say CD Rogue and I had an exchange not unlike Key & Peele (only not as funny)

Fortunately everyone understood that sometimes the real flesh and blood people take precedence. And I didn’t have to look at Mataoka’s bug eyes. I think Blizzard had a little misunderstanding about some things, too.

But yes, the Toy Box is cool.

"Squirrel Nuts Stirring Up Drama"


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