Sex kitten.


I write in my sleep, and from the quality of this, it will probably show that I am sleep-walking, er, writing.

Part I: Sometimes you get the bear:

If you want your own kitty-cat, and some great information, go to: 
So, what bedbug bit me? Perhaps it was the excitement of a little dungeon redemption: went into Zul’Aman with Isabeaux the Beautiful yesterday evening in a PUG and received my helm.  It was extremely gracious of Isa, since she, er, he needed/wanted to go into Gurub and pick up a few things. We rolled Aman out of chance and luck (for me). We had a wonderful healer, and in my enthusiasm at one point proposed marriage, but more’s the pity, for he said he was already spoken for, to quote: “I have asked another for her hand in marriage, alas.” (Um, dude – I wasn’t really planning on making an honest man out of you…just got caught up in the moment!) But seriously: this priest kept me ALIVE. And for the most part, was second in DPS finishing up a narrow third. Was overall pretty pleased with my bad self. 
Part II: Sometimes the bear gets you:
To fulfill my promise to Isa, as well as continue the fun, I was very excited to go into Zul’Gurub. We got a guild group together, who are all amazing players. However, once again, I was the weakest link. About a week ago, I mentioned to the guild officer that she and the guildmaster should start a podcast. Their banter, voices, and wit are highly engaging. Their intelligence is lightening fast, and they are funny. But man-oh-man, I just couldn’t get in step. They were doing the Argentinian tango, and I was doing the Texas two-step. They dosey’d, and I d’ohd. I had to call it a night again because I had those pesky real-world commitments.  And yet, here I am, five hours later, writing at something that isn’t my job. 
Obviously, I want to do as well with my guildmates as I do with PUGs. Better learn to tango. 
Part III: Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
Luperci is on her rotation with the Howling Fjord quests. Matty and Haanta had their turns assisting Scout Knowles, the handsome officer and his horse who are ever-thus looking out over the horizon for danger. This particular image really shows off a draenei girl’s height advantage. 
It’s just funny.
Theme song: Do Ya/Peaches 

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