Elf hunt.

Love Bubbles. Not Like. Love. 

Constipation? Paying too much for car insurance? What’s the problem, Fandral?

Her razor-sharp post today made me count my blessings I was on a non-PvP server, and led me to actually read something. I know, I know Red Shirt Guy, you have lost all respect for me. But cut me a break. I was busy giving the what-for to a worgen in Utgarde Keep, and lost track of time and lore.

She writes: “TOO SOON STAGHELM!”

“Hmm,” I wonder to myself, as the house falls apart and bills collect interest dust, “What could this mean?”

So I go on a lore trek.

And this is what I found: http://www.wowwiki.com/Fandral_Staghelm

Happy now, Red Shirt Guy?

True Grit: Psynister’s Ironman Challenge

This is a fantastic idea*: Take the Psynister’s Ironman Challenge. The premise is to see how far you could go from a Level 1 character without the use of guilds, heirlooms, greens, steroids, plastic surgery, or a book deal: more Jake LaMotta than Lance Armstrong, if you will. 

Think about it: you’ve leveled up almost every class. You’ve been through old content about a dozen times. You’ve nerd-raged over all the other idiots in the game because you know everything. Why not really challenge your skills? Do you have what it takes?

*And like most great ideas, I will have to back-burner it for awhile; however, it is intriguing. I’m still experiencing game roid-rage.


Mclovin Wins!

Well, Matty is benched. She could have been a contender. She could have been somebody. Sometimes no matter how much a player practices, watches the game videos, learns strategies, and gets great coaching, it just doesn’t come together. Maybe get traded to the minors, or go down on the farm.

But she’ll try this again sometime:

Baradin Hold: Occuthar Strategy, by World of Matticus


Theme Song: Not One of Us/Peter Gabriel