Road of trials.

My brave daughter,

Word has reached me that your level of training has turned to a critical point. You do not have much time to waste, although I am certain, having been through this myself as a young paladin, you wish to simply put up your hooves, put down the shield, and let your responsibilities languish for a spell. This is a dangerous time for you. You have not begun to prove yourself, to your people, king, or country. You do not have the luxury of waste, Lupe. It will take your continued dedication and devotion to the light, and increased vigilance. All you seek you must obtain on your own, no help, no guidance. Arm yourself, my beautiful girl, and seek the path of the light.

Your father,


Luperci folded her father’s letter neatly, and repeatedly smoothed and pressed it out flat on the table, then tucked it away in her bags. No one was there for the fireworks, no one noticed, but this somewhat admonishing letter was all that bore witness to her celebration. She knew he was proud of her, but always so damned worried. She wondered what her mother thought. Strangely, though, she felt a bond with her sister she hadn’t felt before; they were close to being equals now, and perhaps…the rivalry would be replaced by friendship. She rubbed her brow, and gave herself the gift of a deep breath, cold cloth, and some sleep. She would need her strength.

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