Dear Matty: Nietzsche Edition

From Alternate History: (Text is written in Ye Olde Butcherede Russian; translations courtesy of Professor Larry Feinberg)

Star Wars TOP: And here is Luke Skywalker. He is on a flying saucer (1), and a smart samovar (2) helps propel him along. LEFT: Luke spent a long time looking for his father, and once he found him, slew him with a fiery sword (3), which brought on grief and sorrow. CENTER Here I might have had some vodka to ease my grief, but my father cut off my hand. I can’t pick up a glass; looks like I’ll be living sober from now on. RIGHT: And here is his friend Chewbacca, something between a monkey and a dog. He speaks no words, but roars and howls. Evil men took him captive and turned him into ice. [Writing on samovar in lower left-hand corner: R2D2]

Dear Matty:
I have worked long and hard on my main character in WoW, and have achieved some level of success and acclamations for my performance. Of late, however, I have lost all patience with underlings and “stupid” or rude players. Normally, if some poor little druid cub is in Stormwind, asking for a few pieces of silver for training costs, I’d toss them a few gold. Now I just feel like everyone is hustling me, everyone has a dark side. The Force, well, just feels more force-fed right now than all Zen-ny. A few weeks ago, I lost my hand in a bad accident, sort of an “atonement with the father” moment, and am starting to transform into the sort of monster I have sworn to fight. In the past, I used to run with my sister, this rogue, a few droids, and a tall walking carpet, but lately the taller droid is starting to get on my last nerve,  and I feel like every minute I spend not doing something heroic and superbly executed is wasted, that they are dragging me down. How do I get back to my original vows of truth and justice, when all I feel are annoyance and irritation?

Please help,
Robotic Reflections

Postscript: Here’s that autographed picture of me you wanted.

Yours, LS

Dear Robot:
 “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” -Friedrich Nietzsche … 

There is a moment, sometimes more than one, when we do not always make great decisions. We use the best of our upbringing, resources, and information at hand (sorry, no pun intended), to go metaphorically left or right, or get run over if we sit in the middle. I think the first thing you’ve done is admirable, just recognizing that you’re questioning your character and trying to recalibrate your moral compass. You are only human, after all, and keeping your humanity and humility is what will keep you sane and happy. In every story, sometimes we have to fight fire with fire, or get in the mind of the ‘monster’ we’re trying to conquer. It’s the getting out, having an escape plan or exit strategy when we falter that defines us, not that we made a mistake in the first place. 

Now, my advice is, go hug a warm Wookie, and you’ll feel right as rain. And don’t be an jerk. Your friends come first. It’s only a game.

PS Repeat: It’s only a game. The pixels are not going to remember you, but your friends will. There’s an old saying, people don’t remember what you do, but how you made them feel.

Theme song: Reflection/Mulan Soundtrack (no, not above playing the Disney card once in awhile)

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RTMS: Or, the "He Who Smelt It Dealt It" Quest

Obtaining the recipe for dark iron bars is made so much more difficult when I don’t actually read all of the instructions. If I had taken the time to just read, READ, and make a quick plan, it would have been a lot less painful.

Anyway, if you are leveling up a blacksmith, and you would like to get the recipe for dark iron bars, make sure you bring:

  • 10 Truesilver bars
  • 20 Gold bars
  • 2 Star rubies
  • Boatload of dark iron ore stacks, about 304 or 15.2 stacks of 20. 
And, if you actually want to make anything with those dark iron bars, you will need 8 dark iron ores/1 dark iron bar. For a dark iron pulverizer, you will need 18 dark iron bars (144 dark iron ore stacks) and for the dark iron plate you will need 20 dark iron bars (160 dark iron stacks).
I had none of this on me, was kicked off the bus for not having exact change, and had to start over. More than once, mainly because I got thrown off the side by Lord Incindus when I wasn’t looking (lucky shot), forgot to pull the lever, and even though I handled myself supremely in the bar fight, got drunk on Sulfurion Slammers and wandered off into lava.
Know your tithe quota: This is the dude. Put the stuff in the bowl to his left. Keep talking to him. Carry on.
Luperci has the skills, but never did have the energy to get enough dark iron bars. She noticed that Conjuring* was selling a stack for over 300 gold, and from that experience, the cost/benefit analysis almost seemed worth it.

 This is the place where you smelt it, but there is a fire elemental you must kill first. 

*Yes, I cleaned out my bags. Don’t judge.

But, there was an adventure in that misadventure, and it was kind of fun, more fun than going to the store for brownie mix and finding the brownie mix exactly where it’s supposed to be, and making sure I have enough eggs and oil to bake them with: not sure the results are as tasty, but sometimes the quest is the entertainment, and the boon secondary.
*A mysterious level 1 character who just seems to sing Beatles’ songs in trade chat and make stuff.