Drabble: Armor

Staring up. The ceiling shown through with stars. Or, was that some mage’s trick, a trompe l’oeil of the universe? Tricks and deceptions. Her heart felt vast, and coldly lit. She hadn’t seen him in a fortnight, or longer. She searched for her faith, but there was a broken bridge, a burnt path, with no passage, and the ferryman was habitually silent. Where was he? Was he all right? His friendship was more to her than enchanted leggings or new bags. Was he safe? Did he need her help? No way of knowing. The stars weren’t speaking to her, either.

Espero que estés bien, señor. Te echo de menos.

Got threat? Revised…

Polyester suits from Goodwill = Plate armor for sweat generation factor.

I know how to search the web. I know how to read Elitist Jerks. Don’t worry. I got your +20 Stam cap Mastery right here.

Whoa. Perhaps my homage to Napoleon Dynamite was prescient–Patch 4.3 has a boatload of goodies. Remember when the dude at Blizzcon said something like “This isn’t world of DRESScraft!” …apparently IT IS!! With Voidstorage, it’s all going to work out. Now a place I can put those pants that may fit again…someday.
Raid finder? Nice: http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/08/17/raid-finder-coming-in-patch-4-3/

Wanna play me in tetherball?

Drabble: Field Test

Ren, the Druid, sweet as a spring breeze, warm, and as welcome. “Come on, Lupe! Let’s go to the Lost City! With me as your healer, you’ll be fine! Right as rain! Good as gold!” he laughed. Luperci’s horns still ached after her celebration the night before. But she had been in practice runs before – what could happen? Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Everything. Humiliation upon mortification, with a side of degradation, to go. The stupidest of comrades even lost faith in her, and escorted her to door, bounced her out on her tail. Painful, but necessary.

Writer’s Note: Seriously, I must have left my brain in the car after errands today; however, the second run (lots of pick myself up and dust myself off time), got back on that horse and made it through the rodeo just fine.