Limerick for a virgin raid…

She had no title, she had no rank
Not superior or qualified, just a rookie tank
She went to a raid
Hoping to get consecrate fire-laid
But her tail, Cho’gall just wanted to spank

My guildmaster gave “Lupe,” now aka “Lucy” a shot at a raid the other night. I know…I know…you macho tanky types got it all figured out months ago. It was so much fun though. Between real life activities, and for-the-love-of-Hodir, just haven’t had time to do much in terms of building strong macros, etc. But Lucy is a dedicated tank. At one point, was asked to switch into Ret spec, and to my horror, realized I didn’t even have the talent tree finished. No ret gear, nothing, nada, zilch, bupkiss. Kind of like asking this:

to do this:

Choking indeed.

Oh well – no one said raising a tank girl was going to be easy.

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