Now you see her…

…now you don’t.

Conjuring flying over Stormwind…

There is a mysterious character in Whisperwind who goes by the name ‘Conjuring.’ She, presumably, is a Level 1 Mage, who spends her days singing Beatles and Led Zeppelin songs on Trade Chat, and posting very expensive items, such as Truegold, Dark Iron, and the like, in the Auction House. I have seen her once, in Darnassus, at one of the vendor’s cottages. Every so often, like a child throwing a rock at the spooky house on the corner, or teasing the strange old lady who lives down the way, a troll will bait her, or go all-caps screaming in Trade Chat for her to be quiet. I must admit, she has piqued my curiosity. And, I am certain she is perfectly harmless. 
(Is that gingerbread I smell baking? Maybe I’ll just follow my nose…)

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