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Say, are you going to the Darkmoon Faire?

The chicken looks great.

The few occassions I stepped into the Darkmoon Faire, I felt disoriented and a little gritty, like I needed to take a shower. With 4.3 on its way, the sense I get is that there is new and more imaginative content overall, that Blizzard is allowing WoW players more options and creative input. In the relatively short time I’ve been playing, I haven’t seen as much excitement from my friends over the transhoopdejoo and other additions.

PsynisterBible of Dreams and Manalicious have put forth their intelligent, charming, and creative thoughts. The ideas are sweet and fun. As I commented (although my comments haven’t been showing up –I promise you ladies and gentleman I may be cheesy, but I am not spam!), there is a darker side to carnivals: hope my little Zeptepi doesn’t run off with a carnie. It could be all Katherine Dunn Geek Love-ish, and really freak us all out.

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The sleep, dazed and interrupted, moving in the syrupy night room, consciousness taking no prisoners. As she reached her hand on the doorjamb, a tiny splinter rebelled against the old wood and pricked her finger. This simple, tiny obstruction broke her sleep-walking journey, destination: a glass of water, pure and clear. The sharp sting was the only honesty she found in her restlessness. She was thirsty. Greedy, parched, lips kept her from dreams, and in her dreams, they moved just…out…of…step. Sync. She realized, with a tiny, cold seed, he wasn’t home. And in that ditch of doubt, the gully where faith and knowledge bottomed out, she needed to stay, until. Until she woke up.

I feel pretty…

To keep this little tank motivated, Lupe went window shopping, considering what her valor points would get her.

And I am going to say one of the dorkiest things I have ever said: She. Gets. To. Wear. A. Dress.

Maybe one reason I haven’t played my beautiful hunter that much is because she is ever destined to wear the pants in the family. Huntresses never get to wear beautiful robes: they’d get all tangled up in weeds, briars, and restrict movement. And as much as I wish Haanta could wear ermine-lined coats  and riding togs of the richest, crimson velvet, alas, ’tis not meant to be. And I assumed, as with hunters, paladins could never wear robes either.

But…girls can.

Luperci is almost 900 valor points away from this most desired goal. She is sick and tired of being a tomboy. She is all girl, and wants this chest piece. But, unless she can get her tail in a Zul, this will be difficult indeed, and very time-weary. And if the Zuls go like one of her first, only, and recent attempts, Oh, mio Dio~~! Yikes. She will need a raid-ready healer, three amazing weapon masters, and a lot of patience from the group.

But, damn – just LOOK at her – ! How charming would it be to go into a dungeon with this beautiful girl on your arm?

Theme Song: I Enjoy Being A Girl