With the seasonal changes, my hopes of raiding, however slim they were, are diminished even further with the fading of the sun’s light here in the Northern Hemisphere. I wake up with the cows, and staying up past my bedtime demands too high of a tithe on my ability to meet my responsibilities. (And, there have been a few times I’ve gutted up, drank all my flasks, and shown up, only to be asked to go when a prettier date arrives. Kind of sours the experience of being called off the bench.) It makes me reminisce ¬†about mornings spent with my dear friend, and I know he’s all right. We would drink a cup of coffee on cold winter mornings, kill monsters, and be all the more cheered to meet the day, knowing Azeroth was safe once again. But in my time zone, at the stroke of 10:30PM I turn into a pumpkin, not a princess, if I don’t get some sleep.

We all have friends all over the real world, too, with different time zones and responsibilities. How we determine or compromise on those schedules can be challenging at best. So, I’ll just say again, to those friends of mine whom I don’t get to see in Azeroth very often, doesn’t mean you’re not missed. But I take comfort in knowing you’re out there, you’re all good people, and behind the pixelated shaman, paladin, hunter, and priest, you have a friend, too.

And, to keep one hoof in both worlds, if it’s okay with you, Senor, I may bring another one of my Draenei girls to your guild, so between the rogue and whomever else, we will help build up the guild’s reputation. You would probably prefer the hunter, but she has a few obligations to her current guild: as soon as those are fulfilled, I am sure she’d be your choice. She’ll bring her own Sweater. She acts just like the rogue anyway, going off on her own, not being seen for days.