Nod nod.

Zep is not built Ford tough.

As I look at my little characters, I realize I take a lot of shots of them sleeping. This poor little priest girl has been working so hard – she is about 40% to level 85, and has been busy getting recipes and justice points so she can get into dungeons. Priests, by all accounts, are some of the most complicated classes in the game, as are warlocks. If I was mystified by lightening bolts and moonbeams, mind blasts and spikes are even more of a mystery than brain freezes. Glad she made all that dreamcloth. She deserves some peaceful sleep. Oh, and was blasted to smithereens about five times in Twilight Highlands. Which leads me to this:

Why do I really want to raid? Two reasons: One, it’s fun. Two: gear, and not because it’s the best, or elite, or whatever. Really good gear = faster everything. It’s like a really good, dependable car. You never have to worry about it breaking down or being high maintenance. I love good gear simply because I can do drudgery faster, and don’t have to spend most of my play time in shades of gray looking for my poor corpse. No wardrobe malfunctions, or chestgear blow-outs. I just want to get the job done, to get to the good stuff. (Patience is not my strong suit, no matter what the title says.)

On my schedule.

Now it’s time for sleep. Good night, little priest girl. Say your prayers. Those Twilight Highland baddies are mean.