It dawned on me today I have too many alts.

No. That can’t be.

I have too much stuff. Or, my alts have too much stuff.

(George Carlin, godspeed: Stuff)

Matty? Lupe? Zep? Is that you?

When I was dragging my fourth character’s tail down to Booty Bay to get her pirate on, I was thinking, enough. Definitely have become Jack of All Trades, Master of None–that should be my new title.

Did the CoC thing on Luperci. Got the achievement. Wasn’t sure I had it on Matty. Went in there. Dork already did it. In February. Went into Zul’Aman on tank. Thinking everything’s cool. Good pauldrons dropped. Did I need them? HELL NO. I thought I had good ones already, and I do. On the shaman. Lost those. Am still wearing crappy blue ones. Am still drying my eyes. Didn’t even win the orb, either.
Losing tabards, stuff, gear, hoarding for transmogrifying, this pet, that mount, this holiday chieve, that one, I am out of control.

But…but…but…they’re all so cute! Can I keep ’em, Mom? Can I?

Anyway, in all the hullaballo, Manalicious hit the streets with this comprehesive post: http://manalicious.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/patch-4-3-notes-this-just-in/

Also, more stuff: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/3502667/Patch_43_Dungeons_Preview%2C_Part_Three_Hour_of_Twilight-9_19_2011

But, Señor, I did buy this mount for Rökkr and the other girls. I didn’t realize that I could do this, (and I blame the Dork Factor), that once you are exalted with a guild, (and the guild is level 25) you can get these for as many alts as you like, being account bound. So, Rökkr is now riding around flying your colors:

Please don’t be surprised if I go crazy and clean out most things from the guild bank. It’s just sitting there, and I need to have a big garage sale. I cannot wait for the extra closet space coming…and not fast enough for me.