I am smiling wryly this morning: talking to a guildmate last night about this and that, and I mention that I would like to try to obtain shoulder and helm upgrades.  I talked another guildmate, who has some time on his hands because girlfriend is off on a mission right now, into setting up some raids. In my opinion, or rather, it is my desire, to do those raids that have been nerfed, with my guild, because, well, I like them. I don’t want to go to these places in PUGs. (Which leads me to my concerns about LFR…but, like all great PUGs, I’m sure it’ll be fine, just FINE, what can go wrong? Smells like Teen Nerd Rage.)

In any case: I said something to the effect that I have improved.

Guildmate: “Yes, X and Y were talking about that, [sic] you don’t suck as much as you used to.”


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