Like a boss.

If only, if ONLY, real life ‘bosses’ came with the tiny skull icon hanging over their heads when you moused over their name plates, then we who play WoW would have a clear signal of “danger” and “look out, they will schedule that meeting and undermine your professionalism” sign. If only.

I consider my colleagues like a guild. We have the usual suspects, to be sure, but for the most part, all of us feel mutual respect for one another, and do everything we can to support each other, truly–we share our time, resources, and hearts.

But sometimes the bosses….are Bosses.

How to handle real life bosses? As stress relief, I will write an allegory. That’s what writers do (and we are all writers). We release those frustrations and maddening personalities and transform them into parables and metaphors. What’s a metaphor? To keep me from going crazy.

What will I do in real life? Shield myself with calm professionalism. Have my colleagues back me up. And go find King Wyrnn if necessary. I know he’s got my back. Besides, he has too many other things to worry about, like finding his son Prince Anduin a date for the prom.

Question: In your life, which WoW boss is most like your real life boss? Is it a Council of Asshats (pronounced ash-hawts) or a singular, vile Jabba-esque boss?