There is a hackneyed saying: never discuss sex, religion, or politics in mixed company. And my close player friends know, and it’s no secret, I’ve had to turn off guild-chat once in awhile for some peace and quiet. 
Chat has been vulgar, ignorant, mean, silly, whiny, full of shrapnel and shards; mostly arrested development humor of a 12 year old who’s found his dad’s Playboys under the bed and shares them, except more like a German porn house with magical creatures. Still kind of charming, but mostly not. It gets crude. You get my point.
And I have taken my share of ribbing, teasing, and whatever. Controversial topics like evolution (there is no controversy, just ignorance), religion, and whatnot. I actually enjoy intelligent and funny debates, very much; others’ points-of-view fascinate me. (I am still friends with an old boyfriend whose political views are diametrically opposed to mine, yet we still enjoy great debates over policy, social contracts, and views.) The guildmaster can shovel his blarney like no one’s business. Tolerance? Sure. Tolerance means just that: the Dude abides. Doesn’t mean he likes it. 
Until tonight. 
The States are certainly a hotbed of ignorant media reporting, dangerously poor journalism practices, and corrupt politicians on all sides who are greedy, and special interest groups lay waste like robber barons of  the past. But for the most part, the guildchat hasn’t had that much political chatter, as least as far as I have noticed, since I joined last February. A few players tonight mentioned their views, not in any articulate “let’s debate this way” but in a Fox media blitz way, and when I politely mentioned how much I enjoyed guildchat having been a “politics free zone” was not too kindly told to deal with it, that those days were gone. 
So, okay. Since I was told to “deal with it” by a guildmate who is not the guildmaster, (whom I adore and respect), I shall deal with it. How I will choose to do so, well, I have a few options.
I have enough battles, fights, and obstacles in real life to deal with the collective ignorance in my virtual world. I don’t want to know how you feel about politics, your real feelings. You are not going to change my mind, and I am not going to change yours. I don’t care, and don’t want to. 
Deal with it.
I don’t fight fair.
Postscript: That was one reason I ran from Facebook: relief from talking opinion avatars.

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