It’s a Dead Man’s Party

Matty is disappointed she didn’t get the Headless Horseman mount, yet again…

I feel sorry for countries/cultures that don’t have some version of Halloween. Or should I say, some way to distribute candy in a doorbell-ringing festival. Well, suck it, Timbuktu: the U.S. is covered, and so is Canada. And Mexico has Dias de los Muertos, which I actully think is super-cool-awesomeness. Celebrate the dead, have a party, pour a shot on the grave for the homies, too, and get all Danny-Elfman-up-in-there.

Okay, you will need more than a pumpkin patch and a blue blanket for this one, but Hallow’s End has begun yet again in Azeroth. (Yay, North and Central American cultures, with cultural influences from ancient Pagan times, hooray!!!) It has some great changes, and won’t give you cavities:

Theme song: Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked/Cage the Elephant

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