Split personality.

Be afraid of Spandex…be very afraid.

Luperci is officially out of her tank-funk. She no longer has hypengyophobia. Zeptepi is still suffering a bit from hierophobia, and Matty can’t seem to shake her logizomechanophobia, but she knows a couple of fantastically brilliant IT guys who come to her rescue when things look dire.

Morphemia went to therapy and no longer has hemophobia or cryophobia.

Now tanking especially cures macrophobia. Just grab a friend and go, up pops the queue! Hooray! And even last night, the third time was indeed the charm, and she got the fifth chaos orb for a matched set. The truegold had been sitting in her bags for weeks, and she was all set to make Haanta a new polearm, the best therapy for hoplophobic hunters.

But then…she looked over at her friend, who had been generous simply because he was, and made him a dagger instead. Maybe that will be a lucky dagger, and when they go into dungeons together so she can collect other orbs to make more things for friends, the RNGs will look down on her kindly and with favor.

Not embarrassed to say, that before that last dungeon run, (Stonecore, no less), Luperci did say a small prayer to the RNGs, which made the rest of the group laugh, and guess what? No orbs were needed on, except by Lupe. Now she no longer suffers from atelophobia, but is still working out her arachibutyrophobia. Pass the jelly please.


Theme song: Bad Case of Loving You/Robert Palmer

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