A Void Storage….

Well, that was a rip-off

Recently, I helped my sister clean out her house for a big move. Ah, the scythe blade of clearing clutter swings deep and wide when it’s someone else’s trash and treasure, but when it’s my own, that is another matter. How can you explain to someone the sentimental value of a broken horse puppet or the half-empty¬†box of thank you cards meant for gifts long gone?

I was looking forward to the Void Storage feature, but now I am not so sure. Once again I didn’t read the fine print, and am left with some tough choices to make. The storage states it will basically disenchant items, and will not take unique items. Since I had intended to use this for holiday wear, letters, old sentimental gear, and all those tabards…well, at 25g per item, it’s not going to happen. Tabards are unique items, so the 20+ ones I have will stay in the bank. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but again, am left wondering why Blizzard charges so damn much for something that isn’t “real.” It’s like they relinquished control over those of us who collect the holiday garb, yet punish us for having it by charging so much to store it: in other words, when they said at Blizzcon two years ago, “It’s not World of Dresscraft,” they acquiesced that indeed, it is, (have you seen some of the amazing configurations trasnmog has generated?) but they are enjoying their usual racketeering and extortion follies.

Not to mention it costs gold to get items back out. The cruel economics of Azeroth once again mystify me. I wish my old guildmaster would explain it to me, because I just don’t get it. Just seems a measly and miserly gesture at best.

So, if I get real quiet one afternoon while I’m making those hard choices, don’t worry. I’m keeping that letter. And this one. And that one. Maybe not that one.

Reuse, recycle, and reduce. How about I just keep, store, and not spend gold? It is a fantasty game, after all.