You’re going to wear THAT?!

Mataoka is still struggling to find just the right thing to wear, but Zep and Lupe have it figured out, at least for now:

Yes, that is the very same petrified bark shield¬†¬†Lupe got back in the day. She needs to find some different horseshoes, er, footwear, er, hoofwear? Want to get a funky sword for her. Tried to equip the Horseman’s, but the specs were varying. Rules for transmog? Dang.

When considering transmogrification, I never intentionally went for one complete look. I’ve always loved vintage clothing shops and wearing hand-me-downs that are unique and detailed. If I could still fit in the felt-wool skirt with the embroidered applique squirrel my great-grandmother made for me I would. Most of my real life outfits are T-shirts and jeans, but my hand-painted clogs and funky socks are my signature items, not to mention hand-crafted jewelry. So, my approach to transmog is very much the same as my ‘fashion’ choices in real life, meaning–put on what is clean, comfortable, with a modicum of style.

Zep has taken a more formal approach:

Buying wine, cheese, and catnip in Dalaran

There is so much new content, and yes, the Darkmoon Faire is all I wanted it to be. Feel like a lost boy when I’m there, and getting the Dancing Bear mount is going to take some grinding. Pretty sure most of the carnies have done some time, and most of the games are rigged, but no matter. The new dungeons are easy (which people will complain about), but I for one am NOT: after the trials and tribulations of the Zuls, I need a vacation. Tried the LFR with a few guildmates yesterday, and did all right–not great, but all right. It’s not that hard, but with so many, the lag was horrible and my dps wasn’t that great, in my opinion.

But now it’s time to go see the fashionista himself, Mr. Robot—these girls need new gems and enchants, because as they say, that is what separates us from the animals, the ability to accessorize.

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