Imagine all the draenei…or "Put on a Lupe Face."

Was inspired this morning by Tome of the Ancient’s great post about a “what if” scenario. She has photos and everything!

My comment to her was:
This is WONDERFUL – this could be explored so many ways. Gives fan fiction a whole new perspective! Thanks for the inspiration, and the photos are fantastic. I rock my imaginary horns, hooves, and tail every single day, clicking on the rage button when I am most unhappy angry face. If only others could see it, then at least they would be warned. Of my characters, the shaman and paladin are the most similar to me: if they came to visit, the shaman would be putting out her fire totems constantly to keep warm, the paladin would be arresting n’er do wells, the rogue would be looking for silver to pawn (sorry girl, none here), the priest would be reading steamy romance novels, and the hunter would be looking for the woods. 

The reason I posted the comment here I guess is more of a creative place-marker for myself: unfortunately, I don’t have time to write this morning. I don’t have time to do anything. December is the month for doing: it is a balancing act of somewhat forced cheer, production values, (last year I waited so long to put a tree up the guy at the tree lot gave it to me free…), and transforming the real world into a festival of lights, food, and a few pounds. Last night I went to Firelands for the first time with my new guild. There were some definite game highlights, including a very kind guildmaster who actually led me through the Alysrazor’s fire tornadoes. Seriously. My cold, wet wolf nose was so far up her robes… The level of patience and humor I experienced was personally a better fit. Now, unfortunately, and I’m not the only one, though they have downed Rag many times, I experienced some life aggro at a critical moment, and I’ll be honest, my stamina for being in a raid for three hours when I’ve been up since 5am is not…great. Fingers and reflexes get fatigued. But, I did see the fight further than I ever had before, so that’s a good thing.

My personal parallels of game play and real life are getting fairly entrenched. Right now, I have a few nagging bosses that need to be downed, and there is some ‘trash’ in my professional life that loves to throw arrows and spears at my head (well, one co-worker anyway). There is one dart-thrower in every job it seems. The bully who offers nothing positive, no move to change or affect an outcome, save for the negativity and delight in letting you know how wrong you are. I’ll have the fall-out of an event from yesterday to deal with today, and am not looking forward to it: those are the moments I put on my paladin persona. “Luperci” is brave, brooks no bullsh*t, and protects the less fortunate and marginalized from harm.

So, off to fight the good fights, once again. They last more than three hours, have way more trash, and there is no RNG boon. But there are cups of hot coffee and smiles. That works.