Writer’s Block.

I realize I failed on the National Write A Novel in a month challenge last month, but in my defense, my current real life situation only allows the sprints of writing, not the marathons. Someday, someday. I created a Page on this blog as a place to capture the fiction I write, so check it out when you get a chance.

Understand, I am not a great editor or proofreader of my own work. I sometimes write sporadically and impulsively. I may not have fleshed out the greatest character development or captivating plot lines. Please do not judge; however, if you ever have a critique of my writing, I wholly welcome it, in fact, encourage it.  I will always answer with a simple “thank you,” and then choose to alter or not as I choose, just as I would expect and encourage anyone who is trying to put something creative out there in the ether.

I have been sketching out another short little story for about two weeks or so now, and am a little stuck. Always love my beginnings. Every day should start off with a “Once Upon A Time” in my opinion.

Postscript: Just re-read Chapter 5 of Blackberry Winter. Like enjoying my own cooking, that’s not too bad!