Drabble: La Reina del Gremio

“If you’re going to leave, don’t do it now, please. Wait until I’m gone.”
A simple, pragmatic choice, she owed an allegiance, a debt in a way, to a larger guild, and another comrade. But she had spent weeks making a home, and here she was queen.
But this was not like him, his reaching out. Her heart felt it, even if her mind did not. This was not hesitation from cowardice, but an alarm to stop, out of love and friendship. Her leaving was not right.
“You never ask anything of me,” she said, “So this is easily given.”

Tome! Look!

On a weird Internet service right now, but wanted to tell one and all about this, especially Tome of the Ancients: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/4132437/Introducing_BattleTags_-12_15_2011#blog This is going to be released with Diablo III, however, but it seems like it will work for all Blizzard games. Good – now I can be my warrior girl in Diablo and still change and meet friends for cocktails in Stormwind by nine.

Theme song: Tone Loc/Funky Cold Medina