Noobs need not apply.

A few stealthy souls I know have been working on this:

It’s a good thing they have the pocket-picking ability, because even just to start it I was told takes about 10K.

Poor Rökkr–she and my Death Knight Morphemia were the second and third characters I started, and by far the most neglected. Not sure even legendary weapons will inspire me to play my rogue more, and am seriously considering sending Morphemia to boarding school.

But, damn….batwings? /sigh.

LFR and the Single Shammy

Your fortune teller reads the lines, and your prospects look smelly.

With great power, comes great responsibility, or something like that. One thing I Like Bubbles, or any of you, will most likely never experience in LFR is what happened to me Friday night. I guess I have kind of a thing about capping out Valor Points before the Monday night ‘turn-into-a-pumpkin’ server deadline. I tend not to procrastinate, but usually it’s not a matter of procrastinating, but more I just have too much to do. (As you can see above, going to Archie McPhee’s in Seattle is top of the list. Who doesn’t need a set of tentacle finger-puppets?) Anyway, when I say great power, LFR is truly power to the people: went in with my buddy warlock who was playing his rogue. He is just as adept and awesomesauce on his rogue as his is on his warlock. His gentle good humor and kindness is always welcome. Friday night I was wiped out (no pun): I can’t even tell you in a way that you would believe me what happened at my job on Friday–it was a Greek comedy/tragedy from morning until evening, and I swear with my barnacled fingers I am not being hyperbolic. I mention this only to set the stage: wanted to get through some dungeons, be on my way, and have a glass of wine. He talks me into a LFR group. We go. We wipe. Tank doesn’t do something or someone doesn’t push the button, whatever. We wipe again. Most of the DPS is below 10K. I’m doing over 20K, and am sixth. Not great, but in the top ten. LFR is a FUBAR experience for me–like putting twenty-five prima ballerinas on a stripper stage and there’s one pole. It’s a mess visually. And without the benefit of mutual or shared Vent, not a lot of communication happens. People start to get kicked. And then….dun dun dun…I got kicked. WUT? My friend said that the message on the kick screen said, “She looked at me funny.” And this shows me how far I have come with WoW: I think it’s hilarious. Kind of an Amy Poehler/Seth Meyers REALLY?!?! moment. So, once again, the best of players, and the worst of players, only exacerbated by the great unwashed and ignorant, dysfunctionally trying to work together for a common goal.

Moral of the story? I don’t know. Will I try it again with a random group and not guildmates? Perhaps. When I peruse Mr. Robot for my main characters, Mataoka, Luperci, and Zeptepi, there is a lot of gear from Firelands and now Dragon Soul that those chicas ‘need.’ But then again, no one “needs” tentacle fingers. You just want them.

Postscript: My friend went back in, and then left during the fight. 🙂