Dark side of the test tube.

Okay, at the risk of Guarf in his “man voice” telling me I am obsessing, I need to share this story. (One shaman’s obsession is another dwarf’s shrug.)

First of all – moral to the story: listen to instincts. I had come home after a long day, trying to explain that Fantasia the Disney movie was NOT Fantasia the wayward American Idol singer, and that naked animated fairies showing innocent butt-cheeks do not demand giggles (especially since most of the audience watches Family Guy and Tosh.O regularly, and laughed over fairy fannies?)

Exhibit A: Fantasia the movie:

 Exhibit B: Fantasia the singer:



I  just wanted to have my own fanny meet couch, laptop, and a pick ax and farm some ore.

That did not happen.

Went to LFR with about five other guildmates. All was fine. No loot, of course. Got to Wrymrest, with the globby things. Tank does or doesn’t do something, I don’t know. We wipe. Next globby group – we wipe again, someone pulled something (pull my finger is more like it), I get accused of pulling it, even though I was hitting marked target, and promptly kicked. No trial, no Miranda rights, nothing. Guildmates are indignant on my behalf, and try to kick tank, but no luck. And to add insult to injury, was kicked while dead, so got an empathic pat on the back by the angel, took the rez sickness, repaired, and cried. (Was it my mood? The 169 repair bill? The injustice of it all? Or, being out of Grey Goose vodka?)

No more LFR. No. More. Do not care if there are loot and valor points, or Deathwing himself invites me to tea. I am really done and over with witnessing and experiencing time and again some fat a**hole sitting on his nerd pole shepherding the sheep to do the whole pitchfork and torch gig. Enough. And, I want Blizzard to do something about it. What? Not sure. Maybe if one gets kicked by damage/dps was in the top ten, they pay for your repair bill. Or, you get a few valor points. Or they give you a new damn pony. I am not talking about the disconnect kick or the super low performer kick, just the kicks that are more like a roundhouse to the face for fun and spite than anything else.

Thinking of going to Aylied’s house in Stormrage and leaving a bag of flaming poo on his doorstep.

(The top warrior died too, and pulled the first goopy group, by the way. Just being a tattle-tell, I know.)
So, I was relating this anecdote to my cross-dressing rogue, and he related this to me, just how groups are known to behave, with substantial scientific data, in the face of authority. Morality and ethics are the first things to go. PLEASE: I am NOT comparing getting kicked from LFR to the Holocaust. The only psychological question that I am pondering is all levels of human mob mentality. And, it’s an interesting study to read up on, if you’re into that sort of thing, you know, human psychology and whatnot.

Milgram Experiment: The experiments began in July 1961. Milgram devised his psychological study to answer the question: “Was it that Eichmann and his accomplices in the Holocaust had mutual intent, in at least with regard to the goals of the Holocaust?” In other words, “Was there a mutual sense of morality among those involved?” 

So, if you are looking for the most beautiful enhancement shaman in all of Azeroth, she is probably hitting rocks with her mining ax, doing a quick dungeon, transmogging some outfits, or having a Grey Goose martini. Cheers!