Powerful mojo.

Thanks, to the blog Manalicious for her post on Friday, which led me to this blog: http://jadedalt.wordpress.com/

Now, if I can only figure out how she got those wonderful cookie cutters:

Maybe there’s a tinsmith in Goldshire who can help me out.

http://www.kitchengifts.com/custom.html (look at the octopus one)

Yes: apparently I have some time on my hands this morning. Elves are sleeping, bear cubs laid out, and the ogres snoring away. But before I get my next cup of coffee, just wanted to say: To my friends in the waking world and in Azeroth – peace to you and yours, be light of heart, full of hope, and thank you for the love and kindness of your friendships.

And please tell me where to get those cookie cutters.

Love and Death(s) in Northrend

Rökkr, with the grand help of two very dear friends, got carried to level 68 today: that is an especially sweet milestone in a character’s progress. Let me be straight: I have no idea what the hell I am doing as a rogue. Stabby-stab-stealth-stealth. A young elite rogue reviewed my action bar and spells and shook his head in disgust, grumbling something about the uselessness of sinister strike. Fortunately, I have a few things going for me: I am kind of smart, and I have very good friends who have rogues of renown.

Rökkr stays at the same lodging as the others…clean sheets, chocolates on the pillow and turn-down service.

Now the real work begins, and choices to be made. The quest line in Northrend is rumored to have been reduced 30% with Patch 4.3, so I hope this is true. Just leaving Outlands and seeing all of the bright yellow “!” everywhere made me feel a bit guilty. But I paid my game dues with leveling Mataoka, and a little reduction in effort until I get to level 80 and that boring grind from 80-85 begins, I’m going to enjoy my time in the great Northrend. Got a little overexcited and the second I stole borrowed gold from the guild bank and purchased Cold Weather flying, I fly to dangerous zones and tried to pick the daisies. Made a few trolls very grumpy, but it was fun trying (dying, but fun). Snuck past some of them, and plucked a few.

So, a rogue for Christmas – thank you my friends. Now just try to find her!

Where I was directed for help: Shadow Panther

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