Happy New Year, "Imbecil."

Not much lost in translation…that’s Portuguese, not Spanish, by the way: Google translator politely showed me the way.

Sometimes I weep for humans, especially ignorant, racist, jackass humans, of the United States variety specifically. Possibly because this is my native country, and idealistically, naively, and am operating under the delusion that we have such potential to be great, because we were literally handed the operating manual and instructions, scribed in ink and blood, and if we could just all pull our heads out of our…dark places…then somehow we would see how cool our country, our people, are. But alas, I fear, this is not the case: U.S. continues to slide precipitously down the path of poor education, cycles of poverty, and government misdeeds.

But no matter, in Azeroth, we leave all that behind, right?

Warrior/dps role: racist jerk: How do I know this? Because when our comrades spoke what we thought was Spanish, he said racist things. I told him to stop. He didn’t.

Paladin tank: Kept asking for ‘bikkies” and meant biscuits, or cookies. Said he was from “antartica.” I said cool, but you misspelled it. Now, maybe in another language it’s spelled that way, but in my dictionary, it’s spelled “Antarctica.” When he asked for bikkies, that tipped me off that he may have been from Australia, and he may well indeed be from Antarctica, or maybe he was just a jokester from Australia who doesn’t know how to spell Antarctica. Or, perhaps he wasn’t really asking for mana cakes after all, but ecstasy pills. Sorry, dude, don’t have that in my spell book. 

Priest and Boomkin: Portuguese – from Brazil? Portugal? 
Mage/me: Fire mage extraordinaire and defender of truth and justice. 

Now, here is what I do think, and dare I say the four-letter word, “hope?” — I think there is going to be some backlash here soon. Maybe not backlash per se, an intolerance of the cowards on the Internet, but something is going to change. When the mouthbreathers and knuckle-draggers stop getting their way, perhaps. That is my hope for the New Year, and I plan on doing what I can outside of Azeroth to enlighten and mentor those whom I personally have an area of effect. 

“Sure would be nice to not have an idiot who starts a search when everyone is not ready.”

The hard larger truth is, and I am saying this on good authority, is that not everyone will be ready at the same time. But it will take leaders to actually lead, show the way: don’t look toward some figurehead or elected official, not some ‘other.’  I wish you all courage, kindness, and love this  year, and for years after. And for heaven’s sake, when you’re spending time with beautiful jewel-colored pixels, chill.

Haanta checks out her friend’s new transmog look. Boy, that sure is a suit of armor!

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