Spotted: Elves

This is an appreciation of the Night Elf – but not just those found in Azeroth, you know. If you look carefully, you can find them everywhere, in photographs, illustrations, and even Hollywood celebrity portrait shots.

This is a journal posting, of sorts, of those beautiful creatures spotted around Azeroth and the *real* world:
Guarf found this beautiful night elf priest…

Night Elf female shows off her markings…

Night Elf female and Ancient Wise father…
Run, Forest, run!

All-wet Night Elf
Belfs need love, too….
Elvin movie magic…
If Night Elves could be warlocks…
Spot any elves lately? Even though they can meld in the shadows, they are relatively easy to spot, especially if they have a good publicist.

Theme song: Tiny Desk Concert series/NPR

Theme song: Björk/Moon

Postscript: Guarf found this for me:

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