Ground-down Hog Day

Rule No. 1: Don’t Piss Off the Healer
Because you never know if this is what is lurking underneath:

I had one of “those days” yesterday. It usually doesn’t stem from one day, but many days in succession of poopiness. Sometimes, I hate to admit this, I will visit Azeroth in anger. Just like Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day,’ “Don’t drive angry!”

To censure myself, keep myself in check, I foolishly went in to a dungeon as a healer. It was the one, you know, with the thing, and that other thing, and the purple poop, and the thing. Lady Sylvannas was up to her usual tricks, and even she seemed like she was phoning it in.

And, I should have known better. My Add-Ons were acting up, which I guess tends to happen after big patches. (This is a post for another day, Scarlet.) All I had to work with was Healbot, but meh, no big deal. Death Knight stepped in purple poop, died, but got back on his feet. Things were fine, and I was just about to give everyone a bath in my magical shining light of love sauce, when hunter says to me:

“hey retard why dont u dispel”

And then my fingers did the walking, and instead of hitting “you’re all better now” I hit the “find the exit” button.

Hope they all wiped.

Now, I know, because we’ve all been there, the litany of insults that came after and their justification in what a horrible healer I was/am rolled down the screen like screen credits on a James Cameron film. Oh well.

It has become clear to me that more than anything, it’s the players’ level of expectations of perfection are crap. I’m tired of reading comments about bad players, bad bad bad. In other words, it’s not the bad players, it’s how other players handle them. 

Humans = make mistakes
Humans = live together
Humans = live together better when mistakes are forgiven (not necessarily forgotten, but that’s a woman thing- we try to learn from history, and have everyone else learn, too.)

Should I have known to dispel sooner than I did? Perhaps, yes. One man’s dispel is another man’s choice to renew. There is not a lot of time in that fight to kill the ghoul and get to the safe side of the River of the Lava Game. If it touches you, you die. But like the lava game, it is a game.

I am not sure why this individual doesn’t have manners. I am not sure why he couldn’t have said, “you need to dispel” or ” dispel please,” or hell, I would have taken “dispel.” It’s the “retard” part, that he took the time to type those letters to go out of his way to be a pendejo.

Yesterday morning, as part of my long day, I’m driving to work in the dark, rain, (it’s advanced darkness and advanced rain around here), and at a certain harrowing intersection, I decided to not die and turn left in front of oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, my front end was in the crosswalk, because the light turned red after an onslaught of cars. A woman walking over to the trains, presumably on her morning commute, made a point to give me a tyrade of insults because she couldn’t use the crosswalk. I wish I could tell her, “Lady, I didn’t mean to ruin your day by my not dying.”


Groundhog Day. Little f***er better see his damn shadow, all I’m saying. Or I will run him down.

Theme song: Misguided Angel by the Cowboy Junkies

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