Our time is not limitless. We all have to make hard choices. At 4AM, exhausted and sleepless, I chose to stay home and chill. I don’t know really what is wrong with me except for perhaps some anemia and lack of Vitamin D. (Hush, you.)

And, with that logic, we Azerothians were slammed with a plethora of choices in February. Between the full moon of the Darkmoon Faire, Love is in the Air, and wait, wasn’t there something else? Just general doing what we do? Well, hard choices indeed. One couldn’t get both charms and body parts at the same time, nor would there really be time (if one has any modicum of responsibilities in the real world) to grind away at the Faire for another mount. I may be able to pull of a monkey with a fez this time around, as long as he cleans up his act. Little cub is looking awfully damn cute, monkey. Put down that poo.

And for those of you who know me in real life, you can probably understand why I have become somewhat obsessed focused on getting the Love Fool title. It’s personal. Dated a dairy farmer once named J*** Love. Hope he’s doing well. He sent me a Christmas card after we broke up with a photograph of a black bear he shot. Not sure what the message was.


Love tokens/charms.

Everyone is spinning from the sheer volume we need to get the holiday mount, 270. And to me, it looks like a half-baked chicken sauteed in beet juice. I must admit, I am not a big fan of the big bird mounts. But a mount is a mount, and one more closer to my Blue Dragonhawk. I know where to grind charms, and how to make bracelets like I’m at some cheap day-camp for wayward girls, (they must have the boys making the wallets), but I don’t know if I can truly express the magnitude of my insanity right now.

I’ll give it a shot.

Friend is playing. Friend also needs Lonely. Buy picnic basket. Eat candy too soon. Next two boxes of candy don’t have right kind. Go to get more tokens. Tokens. Tokens. More candy. None in the box.
He wants a port. Ask other friend. We don’t need one then. Wipe in dungeon. Go find tokens. Go get more candy. Meet in Dal (3rd time?). Basket. Umbrella. Candy. I still don’t eat mine at the right time. He has extra. Need two extras. Done.

That was Zep.

Now to do this on Luperci. (Because Luperci the Love Fool has alliteration, and how I adore adorning my adoration with alliteration!)

Luperci also needs the one where you throw petals on players. And this is where it gets weird.

For some reason, I have two accounts, and a trial one showed up. Not sure why.

So I created the troll rogue and undead warrior for Zep, and kept them around for Luperci. Petals thrown, all is well. Go to delete.



Know why? Because toon has sh*t in VOID STORAGE. I threw out all the duplicate pets, mounts, etc.,  that are account bound, and it’s “Matty’s” blanket-blank void storage that is holding me back from making a decision on my account.

If you start calling me a cheater now I will pumpkin-eat you.


Go to third option, the trial account. Make a Blood Elf mage, a Tauren druid, and Orc shaman.

And here is why you need to do something for me. I couldn’t find a gnome warlock, so spent real life gold making Escarlata into one. She is adorable, but for the love of all that is holy, is a very confused warlock indeed.

Here is my request: Go outside right now, and face west. Say a prayer for me, because I think I did lose my mind. If you find it, send it post haste. With a charm bracelet, while you’re at it.

Theme song: Go Your Own Way/Fleetwood Mac

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