Love stinks.

Matty will NEVER be rid of this stinkin’ tabard, by the by.
Getting exalted with the Kirin Tor is tougher than saving for retirement.

For those of you who know me in real life, you will even more fully appreciate this tale.

A player named “Love,” a priest, was in LFR with our Miss Zep yesterday. Apparently this player is not only Love the Love Fool, but Lucky in Love, too. S(he) won everything. (Restraining desire to type in all caps): All the Loots. Gloves, ring, legwraps, weapons, gift bag, M&Ms will only the green ones left, and not only that, but that little engenue was a far and distant 9th in healing stats, while our hard-working, mana-drained Zep was neck-in-neck for spot #2 (ended up being #3), but bronze medals work on the podium, too. Yes, I have the screenshots to prove it, but alas, am a little Recount/Skada shy at the moment.

My and cross-dressing rogue’s theory about players whose gear or skills may not be quite up to snuff are blessed by the RNGs, but then there are the exceptions like our dear I Like Bubbles. She’s awesomesauce and lucky. Silly Zep: the RNGs are bored and like to play pranks. Take it in stride, and have a good laugh. By the time you win those legwraps you so foolishly gave away last week, you’ll have enough valor points to buy some shiny new ones.

Zep did however get a head slot token, so obtained a helm for her shadow priesty-ness. Maybe with those stacks of intelligence she’ll be smarter.

Theme song: The Girl Got Hot/Weezer

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