Azeroth’s Next Top Plate Model

Miss Booty Bay, Miss Dustwallow Marsh, Miss Mulgore, Miss Hillsbrad, Miss Storm Peaks,
Miss Badlands,  and Miss Stonetalon

Ah, I love when an idea comes together.

My turn for a Shared Topic: Azeroth’s Next Top [sic]* Model.

Inspired by some of the amazing transmog outfits, of course, but moreover, a warrior in a dungeon commenting on another player’s look *cough*, harrumph, *blush.*

First, must be between a level 55 (DK) and 85 plate wearer. Submit your girl for one or all of these categories:

1. Plate/Alliance female, best-in-show
2. Plate/Horde female, best-in-show
3. Plate: Less is More: the least amount of armor (swimsuit competition)
4. If I Could Wear Cloth: “Evening Gown” – Knocking ’em dead with class instead of steel and iron…
5. Talent Competition: put together a look that represents your profession. “Escort” doesn’t count.

E-mail me your submission by February 29. I’ll post, and put up a survey link for voting. Winners will receive their Warholian fifteen minutes of fame, and no one is a loser.

*Please offer one up if you like! Will accept write-ins.

Scary cement ladies:

Logistics: I want you to keep your identity safe, so don’t send me anything with your real name on it. If you blog, put your mog on your blog, link it to this post, and I will gather them up for the final voting posting. Only need the character’s name, don’t need server, and what they are wearing, and what category you want them submitted for. Just have fun. Don’t get all toddlers and tiaras over this.

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