Potion of Illusion Files: "B" is for B:ELF

The only one who has turned my bad attitude around about Blood Elf females is Cyrme from Bubbles of Mischief. Her girls don’t seem as aloof or bored as many of the others I’ve encountered. Her screenshots are exquisite, with a keen sense of staging and creative costuming, and her excellent writing make for a top-notch blog. When I go into my California Valley-girl accent (of which I can do a mean one), it is not for the lovely, graceful Blood Elves of Cyrme’s world.

That is my sincere disclaimer.

But Cyrme – please understand that I still go to a dark, dark place when I think about Blood Elf females: high school. Anthropomorphically, I am a Draenei: Tall, clunky hooves, and kind of dorky. 
Today, though, for a few moments, I got to see how the other half lives:
“Wut-evah, theeze stoopid guards or wut-evah keep making me do stuff, fer shure….”

Okay, that’s uncalled for, but it’s for you, M.R. in ninth grade, and you, L.S., yeah, you.

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