Potion of Illusion Files: Night Elf Priestess

I am sincerely, thoroughly spooked.

Long story short: my mage friend has been playing tricks on me. “Zep” recently wrote him a letter, and dashed into Dalaran during a break today to check on some things. Drinking some of the Potion of Illusion he made for “her,” she changed into this:

Zep tries on this glamor for a bit…

Now, what is spooky is I have been thinking about going back to Night Elf priest on Zep for some time, and changing Ceniza back to a Draenei. I have this dress, and now I know how beautiful it looks on an Elf. It is like that potion read my mind.

Now, as far as the tricks and pranks go–that is a story for another day.

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