POI: Shaman Healer (and a plea for assisstance)

Here is my issue, and I’m sure as soon as I post it, I will find it: Yesterday or the day before I was perusing blogs, clicking links and posts, and I found one that I cannot for the life of me remember its name, and I believe it’s even written by one of my followers, but when I try to find it again, alas, I cannot. But –BUT — it had the most fantastic article about how to get add-ons installed well: it’s a tedious process, adding one by one, and damn I really need that article! I have looked through my Internet history, and can’t find it. Anyway – if you’ve seen this article I’m referring to, please help me. And, I had meant to add her blog to my blog roll anyway….


Potion of Illusion: Shaman Healer

I have been dabbling with healing with Miss Matty-Can’t-Find-A-Band-Aid. In LFR last week, I must have had my target on this young Draenei, cause when I chugged my potion, I resembled her. That happens with POI – drink it and have someone targeted, instant doppelganger! She has got some kind of funky look I find very endearing. (Well, it’s Matty–no healer would be using axes to mend broken heroes, at least not without a hefty co-pay.)

Don’t tease me for not keeping tabs on the blogs I read. Yesterday especially was so frustrating for me: I was pulled away from a reading-fest and it made me damn cranky. It has everything to do with loving to read, more than chocolate (actually, I don’t like chocolate that much), but most folks understand. I love reading more than a big gooey plate of nachos with cilantro, pico de gallo, pinto beans, chorizo sausage, sour cream and homemade guacamole, served with a Dos Equis beer. As I mentioned, at my place of employment, of which I am very, VERY grateful for, the access to most interesting or engaging things on the Internet are off-limits. I have a big, fat blog post brewing about that, and am waivering about to use my professional blog or this one. I am normally quite skilled at using targeted searches, too, but for some reason, Google is not getting me right now. Not sure why “healer shaman restoration add ons wow (and I think it’s one of my followers’ blogs, Elizabeth Gossett) isn’t coming up with the right post. I use those in combinations, too. However, now I know where to find how to be a shaman healer “in real life.”http://www.shamanicteachers.com/
Came across this site, too: http://endicottstudio.typepad.com/

Oh wait! I found it! I found it! Duh! It was there all along: http://wow.lizzyuh.com/

Here is the add-on article: http://wow.lizzyuh.com/?p=5

Sheesh. Now I have some time to read. (Can’t you just hear the Google gods sighing?)

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