Leather & Lace Contender

I was trying for a theme, and no matter what, had fun putting this together:

Let me reintroduce Rökkr (named for shadowy mythology references). She was my second character in WoW, and waits ever patiently in her own metaphorical shadows at Level 70. Considering I have four at level 85 now, and Ceniza the Fire Mage Hawtness is Level 82, I do fear for Rökkr’s status amongst the ladies of Sugar & Blood. I don’t know what it is about rogues that has prevented me from truly delving into this extrememly fun class.

I realize it’s not proper to wear white leather before Memorial Day (some of you know what I’m talking about), but hey–rules?! Don’t need no stinkin’ rules! She’s a rogue, for gods’ sake! In any case, while many go with rogues for the black leather and Catwoman-esque physiques (see Cross-Dressing Rogue, below), consider the silver/white of leather in the snowy hills of Storm Peaks. She’ll be ready, when I’m ready.

If I can find her. (The red daggers will have to serve as homing beacons.)

Sometimes all you need is an eyepatch to look bad-ass.

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