What’s black and white, and read all over?

 I am trying to keep an open mind. 

Imagine a vault: secure, technologically sound, with state-of-the-art locks. Changing my mind to say “What the hell, I’ll get my panda on,” is taking every ounce of expertise, self-effacing humor and a large amount of “it’ll be okay…it’ll be okay….”And I keep getting my mental fingers pinched in the locks as it closes tighter and tighter. Anyone got a crowbar?

Navi’s excited.  Tome’s excited, and so is Cymre. And I trust those gals. I really do. 

This is a confession: there are some personal reasons why I can’t get on board with pet battles and Farmville-esque activities. I just can’t. At least, not yet. I know this sounds weird, and I am not at liberty to elaborate, but I have too many negative associations with Farmville especially. Oh, have no doubt, there is room for a panda in my slots. And I’ll even start thinking of names, surely the “good ones” have already been claimed. I’ve mentioned I used to be a busgirl in a Mongolian barbecue owned by a wonderful Taiwanese family when I was about thirteen years old. Perhaps I will pay them homage in my naming process. 

So, Azeroth took me by surprise. I resisted venturing there for years, so the skepticism and relunctance are nothing new for me. Just remind me after a few panda barrell-rolls and finding my happy chi what I said months prior to its release. And then you can proudly say you told me so. 


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