"Chief Sloth Wrangler"

Okay, so I have a little bit of time this morning, even though there is (stops self from typing in all caps)…snow on the ground, and it’s March 22, and yeah…okay, so I have a little bit of time and I’m looking through my reading materials, and see Miss Lizzy’s post on Shaman updates, and new glyphs.

Oh, yeah….that’s right! I have healing GLYPHS! I know those glyphs are glyphed glyphificially, but I have not looked at them in a while. The few dungeons I’ve been healing lately have been relatively painless, (okay, except for that one Death Knight, but he had it coming. Can’t save ’em all.)

So, curious, I decided to check out what I had glyphed:

So, Miss Lizzy, what do you think? Keep with the Stoneclaw protection?

or, as I changed it to this:

More healing?

And, while I was doing my jewel crafting daily, something else I have been ignoring because it requires laser-focus to make gold with it (yes, yes, I know – one of the most lucrative professions out there, but I am too damn lazy. Look, butterfly!) I see that there is a recipe I didn’t have.

There. Is. A. Recipe. I. Did. Not. Have.

Oh, the horror! The humanity!

(And what the heck happened to my jewel crafter’s kit?)

So, you may be curious about the title of this post. The other day I was watching these Vimeo films, and please, be prepared for an onslaught of cuteness that is unparalleled. The woman in the Potty Training one (yes, even their poop is cute) is given the title, “Chief Sloth Wrangler.” I think this would be appropriate for my profession and life, too, because that is what I feel like I do from the moment I wake to the moment my head slams on the pillow, I am wrangling sloths, including myself. I have overwhelmed myself, and again, can’t seem to prioritize. Ah, hello Mr. ADD. How do you do? Bird!

Although I have worked hard to develop good habits of mind and practice, somehow none of that seems to matter in Azeroth. Too scattered, too distracted, too unfocused.

And for gods’ sake, where did I put that JC kit, the one I’ve had since forever?

Pandas ain’t got nothing on these guys:

Potty training at the sloth orphanage

Theme song: Willie Nelson/Stardust

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