The True Hero: Panadoll

I am not sure if I have the cojones to write this, but I must correct an egregious error on my part. I was cleaning out my gmail account, and came across this entry to the Azeroth Top Plate Model. This player sent me a lovely email and these wonderful images, and somehow in my *@#($**#$# stupidity I missed it. I cannot believe I did this–this oversight is completely inexcusable, and Panadoll, please, please forgive me. The only excuse I have is that I am living too many virtual lives. If it helps my defense, I have over 1600 emails from work and fun that I was trying to organize on varying accounts. I am sorry, and even ashamed of myself for trying to make lame excuses.

Anway – here is the real winner in my estimation: Panadoll and Annadin of Shadowsong EU. Your character is absolutely charming and lovely in every way, and you sire, are a true gentleman for being so gracious. You are Miss Stormwind to me.

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