Try these on for size…

Under the guise of cleaning out banks, bags, and organizing screenshots, I have a few transmog pix. Really, it was that I had time to burn off some rez sickness on Lupe (yes, the run was that bad).

Another option for the Mog Madness Round III: just pretending!
Ceniza being a mean witch

 These are the looks I would have played with had I done Mog Madness III (hey, just because I’m out of the brackets doesn’t mean I still shouldn’t do drills and relays!)

I do NOT have the Horseman’s helm, to my great anger with the RNGs, but boy, there’s always next year!

“Luperci is shown wearing a stunning Tabard of the Illidari, and lots of pretty purple, greens, lavenders, and goblin grease…just the perfect thing for those raiding nights, old school style!”

Say “Cheese!”

Weapon Option 1

Weapon Option 2

Weapon 3

Of all the things I tried, this helm alone says, “Hey, boys, my eyes are up HERE!”

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