Too big for your britches…

Today, after work: Clean out that Quest Log. Man, do I love Dreamer’s Rest. Could just look at the view forever.

First of all, if duct tape can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed, in my opinion:

Here is what I have noticed in the lower level dungeons with Momo:

She runs out of sake. A lot. 

With the exception of the Leveling Festival with the best-mannered paladin ever, every dungeon since has been a deathtrap. I spam, spam A LOT,  I mean, I only have Spam, ham, bacon, and eggs to use for healing. I know more will come, a few more spells, but when I look at the spell menu I still still a lot of ham, bacon, Spam, and shred. Lots of things for kitty-cats, bears, and owls.

My dear mage friend simply said let them die–I’m not a mind reader after all. (This tickled me to no end – you’d think those status bars would work as divining rods, but alas, “healthy healthy healthy dead.”) A few times on the planks of the mansions and dusty, bone-strewn catacombs of a dungeon and they’ll get the idea they can’t pull twenty or two-thousand monsters and expect to live through it. What I am wondering is, or suspect in any case, is that players have a few level 85s that have been ripping through old content and then expect their matched levels to do the same. It’s not working. However, the RNGs will be humbling us all once again when we need to go to level 90.


I may just go see if I can find that paladin after all: at least he let me stop for mana along the way. Some of these guys just tie the dog to the roof and hit the gas pedal. Maybe it’s time for Momo to stop and smell the Mageroyal along the way, and get some questing done. If you see a big lumbering owl wandering around, smelling of sake and spam, well, just say hello and offer her a cup of cheer along the way.

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