Fresh-squeezed mana. With pulp.

Lizzy: is it possible to, well, um…how do I become a better shaman healer? Good elves are dying, and I can’t hit those buttons any faster–I want to make it rain! Rain NOW! (This is best said in an Arnold-voice.) “Mar-reeAH, get me da doilet pappeer, NOW!” Okay. That was inpsired by Amateur’s imitation, and I can’t quite pull it off.

But I need help. And not just with my Austrian accent.

I switched up some talents, moved some things around, and what I want to do it make stuff go faster. I feel like I’m using Coumadin when I should be using a beta-blocker. What’s a doc to do? So, if you have a moment, and want to look me over in the Armory and tell me what’s what, or if there is any way I can cast Healing Rain faster, or other healing spells faster, I’m all horns and ears.

In the meantime, I cleaned out bags, banks, and storage closets, organized, had a yard sale, and came up with this transmog ensemble:

May have found the look that the Kirin Tor tabard can work with…at least for 21,000 more rep points…

 I’m going to Ask Mr. Robot, too, and check you out. Yup. That’s what I do. Imitate.

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