Bedside manners…

Tome asked a question that was on my mind — of the four healers, three currently at level 85, and one on her way, which has been the easiest? I’m sure she will agree that for any new character, it’s not so much as what is easy, but what has been scaffolded beforehand. If I had begun with any of the four healing specialties, the first one would have been the toughest learning curve. Admittedly, I still have a long way to go with all of them.

I was attempting to take screenshots of their four spell books, but that got boring; instead, I’ll provide you with a sense of what they feel like:

Zeptepi, the Holy Priest, is all light and magic. She is golden and pure, but the golden light comes at a cost, from the shadows. She is constantly battling the light and dark forces, and it takes much skill and faith to keep the two in balance. The dark forces are also very pure and powerful, and necessary to keep al things in harmony. Zep has a rare gift of faith, but faith that came through pain.

Matty, as Restoration Shaman, when healing she draws from the power of water–we are all water babies, and this is probably why restoration shamans, when they’re skilled, are desired–there is something natural and effective about their healing spells. Of all of the healers, she is the only one who can bring herself back to life; Zep can heal through her passing from one world to the next, and Momo can bring back others in battle, both extremely useful healing arts, but it is only a shaman who can come back to this world on her own.

Luperci, as Holy Paladin, is very much like Zeptepi, but her balancing force is the protection or retribution nature of righteousness. She does not perceive she is fighting her own demons from within, as Zep is, but fighting over-zealous self-righteousness, which may be indeed the worst of inner turmoil. Once Luperci recognizes her own battles, she will become more skilled in both healing and protection. Retribution–that never came easily for her. Zealotry is not in her nature.

Momokawa, as Restoration Druid, uses her natural ancestral powers to heal others, but sometimes becomes lackadaisical in her care of herself. Her free-spirited nature would absolutely prefer to go off and pet centaurs and dryads, but alas, sometimes resentfully, pulls herself back in focus to heal others through the smoke, fire, and blood. She has no intentions of being the bear, protecting others. But, using the powers of the sun and moon in her owlkin form pleases her. She is a young druid, to be certain, and has much to learn. Theme song: Wounds/Beautiful Girls

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