Boo-boo bear

Maybe because I’m getting the hang of it, or maybe it wasn’t that difficult, but changing Luperci into a Holy paladin for the quick LFR rush wasn’t bad at all. So taking stock, from the shaman’s restoration spec, Zep’s Holy priest, Lupe’s Holy paladin, and now Momo’s druid leaves, there is a definite pattern: there is the light touch, the boo-boo kiss I call it, to the full-mana-blowing triage, get the crash-cart Code Blue big heals. And like all output, gear, talents, and numbers matter. Right now, dungeons are a bit boring with Momo at this level (60s), but those home-grown organic healing casts sure are pretty spells, and she is lovely casting them. None of my skills as a healer is that great, but it is a VIP pass to quick entry to any situation. Healing is serious business, but somehow I just don’t feel as anxious about it as when looking at my DPS scores, or even the tummy-wrenching moments in tanking. (Ever get yelled at by a Dwarf speaking Portuguese? It is transformative.) I mean, I hate to see good elves die, but healers can blame players for standing in stuff, or the tank not holding aggro. Healers seem to get this pass on performance, fair or not. Good healers are nearly invisible–if no one is dead, then they have done their job. And like misdiagnosing or arrogant physicians, the only real issue is when healers think they have their practice all summed up — but things change, there is always something new to learn. It will come as a shock when Momo is at a higher level and I actually have to run and heal–moving my tail is not my strong suit. (It’s the lack of using Healbot or Macros–I do most of my healing spells the old-fashioned way, and so far so good. But in real raids, that ain’t gonna cut it.)

In the meantime, she is lovely, isn’t she? She changes her hair color frequently to match her ensembles, and once in a while will go in her owl form to put the astronomical-object smack-down on evil doers. And then, she goes and chills in the forest, with her leaves and, well, paraphernalia. Druids have stuff. A lot of stuff.

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