Just a moment in time…

Only weeds Matty fought today…

There must be some international bug flying around, because I was home today, too, with a chronic tummy ache. Yes, I am going to the doctor on Friday, because enough is enough.

But, before I go to something that was due today at work, but can turn in tomorrow, I am going to allow myself one hour of archeology. Before dinner, paperwork, and that last load of laundry, oh, and a hefty amount of Tums.

Navi pointed me to Cymre’s shared topic about Archeology, so off I go to dig in dirt. Those weeds outside can wait. Time takes care of a lot. I’m not sure what my favorite object is or will be. Of course I would love the Crawling Claw (and make Thing Addams jokes), but to date, really– I think it was the Pyramond and Theleste objects. Lost loves are like lost treasures…when we dig them back up, a bit tarnished but polished by nostalgia.

All Hail Matty! Pendant of the Scarab Storm produces a cheering crowd of dung beetles!

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