The Untitled Post

Three good things, told in third-person:

Mrs. Whitworth:
Mrs. Whitworth was not always a cat, but once she was, she never looked back.
Mrs. Whitworth has been whispering in Zep’s ears, encouraging her to become a powerful Shadow Priest.  She had her reasons.
Ceniza tried to change to another worgen’s fire mage specification, with abysmal results. So, she went back to her role model, and fared much, much better:

And although she did not get the dagger—she noticed something. Millya used a staff, too–perhaps, just perhaps–things do work out for reason. Ceniza’s staff was not nearly so powerful, and in many ways she was unprotected, but finding her place, her own path, too, was quite illuminating.

There is change, always inevitable change. Mataoka has discovered that she enjoys healing, and while in a raid yesterday, a beautiful Druid healer won a trinket Matty desperately needed. She congratulated the Druid, and in a few brief moments, the Druid opened a trade window, gave Matty the trinket, and accepted Mataoka’s gratitude, and left:

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