Road Crew

Navigating my noggin (more like noggin-fogger) this morning:

I Like Bubbles Highway:

I Like Bubbles has moved to a new venue:

Most players/gamers worship her, for good reason. She’s funny as hell, and you know, has flow charts.

I do not have flow charts. They remind me too much of my job. Lots and lots and lots of “thinking maps.”

My brain routes are hitting a lot of dead-end streets these days.

Navimie Boulevard, at the cross-streets of Maybe and Probably Shouldn’t:

Saw Navi’s comment on Tree Heals about not being able to get tanks, and I thought, “Hey! Maybe Lupe wants to go all Orc or Blood Elf and tank for Navi’s team!” and then the second thought was –this is too much of a risk. She has a cracker-jack team whom she’s been playing with for a while, and just moving into her neighborhood is not cool. Besides, the beautiful and brave Luperci would never, ever forgive me.

Guild Recruitment Avenue

Recently, I went through the formal process of applying for a guild. I have never done this before, and already have preemptive feelings about the whole thing. For one, the guild was recommended to me by a very good friend, and I know I’ll have positive recommendations from him and others. But–how do you know you’re a good fit? There is no way to tell. The last question reminded me of an interview I had years ago, where they asked me, “You are in a white room. How do you feel?” (I’ve written about that before.) The question was, “Do you use the keyboard or your mouse to move?” It was either/or, not situational, and my fingers figuratively blushed–yes, both, but mostly keyboard, and then when I have an add-on like Healbot configured, then the mouse. I gave my Razer Naga to someone who needed it more at the time, and though it’s been on my list, not a priority. Kind of like, it’s stupid to buy a wedding dress before he’s popped the question.

Whatever happens, I have these moments that tickle the snot out of me:

Ceniza in Well of Eternity, in drag, feeling…hairy.

Truth be known, I still just want to follow Xak around and have him tell me what to do in a raid situation, even if there is a “bored/whisky” debuff that kicks in, and no means of dispelling.

And I just need to remind myself, even if I don’t make the ‘team,’ back in the day I did not make the cheer leading squad, but could still do the splits for years afterwards. All risks have value, and pulled groin muscles.

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