Bargain hunters…

There is something women do that I am not sure men do—call it the gatherer side of the hunter/gatherer economy: ladies, did you ever buy something really cheap, but it looks top-shelf, and then the compliments pour in, and you are compelled to say how much you spent and where you bought it?! “Yes, I bought this Coach purse off of a bum wearing soiled sweatpants behind the Target!” Charming.

So, I was perusing the AH tonight, and found all of these great transmog bargains, and then one that was outrageously priced (one of those sexy dresses you can get in AQ)–seller was asking 30K! I don’t think so!

What is the great bargain you’ve ever discovered on the AH?
These pretty, pretty robes were only 10-25 gold a piece! Thank you bum in sweatpants in Target!
This post doesn’t make a lot of sense because I am damn tired–but you get the idea. Gotta love a great deal!

Update: Here is Ceniza wearing her pretty new green dress (she really likes green):

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