Coffee Klatch

I do not know what it is, but had this post in mind before I read Bear’s, I swear. Oh, Collective Conscientiousness!

So, Lost Soldiers of Darkness approved my application. All I can say is, if they are disappointed in me, I was honest on my application, so on we go. It’s time to grind that guild rep again, and prove myself worthy. Upon accepting my invitation, a player who was in RWS recognized my name, so that made me feel very welcome. First impressions–they seem like a funny, warm group–and as CDRogue and Tome told me, they are lucky to have me.

Matty wonders where they keep the Thermos…

Many a time I’ve wandered around Azeroth, and feel like I’ve caught the NPCS on their coffee breaks. Many mornings my routine is to wake up very early, drink a lot of coffee, and then have it sustain me through the day. I don’t do energy drinks, and try to eat right and take my vitamins, but coffee is life.

I have mentioned that I used to work at Starbucks. It’s a long story, but it saved those in my life. Its health insurance for part-time employees was an absolute necessity, and it helped me get through my Master’s program. But it wasn’t easy, and created an addiction to hand-crafted coffee I have not been able to truly shake. I don’t stop every day, usually it’s my own cheap brew, or McDonald’s, always black. I’m sweet enough, thank you.

The routines of the day can hinder and bolster us, I believe. The little normalcies that create our worlds. I’m trying to keep this positive attitude in mind when I start grinding away for rep, and make a new place for myself. JD posted about the daily cap going away — this is good news for a “alt mother” of five–and maybe there will even be time for an Americano. Or two.

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