Fashion Police: Mogjacking Xak

Either by way of avoidance or simply because I wanted to do it, one thing that came out of yesterday was, looking over Xak’s Holy Paladin alt, I thought he needed some sprucing up:


Xak gave me his blessing to see what I could do. I found it more challenging than I had anticipated. Now Xak is great–intelligent, irreverent, and (usually) charming. For him to have a Holy Paladin seems somewhat incongruent in terms of character studies go, but I also know from experience paladins tend to be dually chivalrous and cheeky. Maybe it’s all the burden ‘saving the world’ stuff. In any case, I wanted to find some plate wear that would not be too overly “hero,” but would also be classy with a touch of tongue-in-cheek. Not sure how I did, and I am open to suggestions:

Then I got on a sunglasses kick:
(I think I like this one best.)

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