Fashion Police: Mogjacking Lock

“Mog shot”

This may be a problem. I will blame Navi.

First I tried this: Nah…too purple

My dear friend has a warlock who’s been on the benches for a while, and it’s time to get him in mog-shape.

But what is one to do when the warlock is a bit more “let’s go fishing” versus “MAWHAHAHAHAH?” 

He is also generally very loyal and dedicated to the Alliance, so having emblamatic equipment of duty and honor to the Blue & Gold makes sense to me, too.

I also wanted to get away from robes. Male characters do not really mind the time-honored tradition of robes, but given the mog option of having your pants and zipping them, too, helps. (Not that there’s anything wrong with kilts and going commando, mind you.)

Warlock ready for fishing duty, sir!

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